Pilots flight management mobile application

Revolutionizing aviation operations with a mobile application for business jet crew members

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Project Overview

Mobile app (Android, iOS) for pilots flight management


Mobile application (iOS & Android) design and development. The following services were provided:


Pilots flight management mobile application
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Case Study

challenge Challenge

The Client wanted to create a mobile application that would provide its clients, typically aircraft owners, with a platform to offer their crew members access to all the relevant information they need to perform their day-to-day duties. The aim was to provide a dedicated and user-friendly platform that would allow crew members to access information like upcoming and completed trips, flight board, scheduling, licenses, and tasks from their mobile devices, replacing the need for bulky laptops.

The general requirements for the application were as follows:

  • Cross-platform compatibility for iOS, Android, and web
  • Single application capable of working with multiple tenants/clients
  • Ability to work with limited or no internet access
  • Multiple user roles (operators, pilots, flight attendants, etc.)
  • Live data updates and push notifications

solution Solution

The technology stack chosen for the solution was the Ionic Framework. The Ionic Framework enabled the development of a cross-platform solution with a single codebase, resulting in increased productivity and reduced maintenance costs. The development, testing, and delivery of features were significantly faster, reducing time-to-market and overall costs.

Multi-tenancy was addressed through dynamic configuration during user authentication, allowing the release of a single application on various app stores instead of separate applications for each client.

The application's offline capabilities were addressed through the development of a syncing mechanism that securely saves relevant and timely data on the user's device. This allowed for continued use of the application even in the absence of an internet connection.

Live data updates and push notifications were facilitated through the use of WebSockets and push notifications, automatically updating data without the need for user interaction.

conclusion Conclusion

CodeUp developed a comprehensive solution that empowers aircraft crew members to be more efficient in their daily tasks by providing real-time access to relevant information from their mobile devices.