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Get a team that successfully performs tasks.

software development

Software Development

Activities dedicated to the software improvement.

We believe that every business, no matter how small or big, has the right to seize the future - now!

Using scalable and cutting edge technologies, we help companies on their path to success.
Our services are made for your growth. From idea to launch. Our experienced team - driven by technologies and your business needs - handles all processes.
  • Development & Quality Assurance
  • Design & System
  • Business & Security

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Development & Quality Assurance

mobile apps

Mobile Apps

End-to-end development of mobile apps for the best usage experience.

web apps

Web Apps

Creating plan and building apps that work according to your needs.

desktop apps

Desktop Apps

Building software that provides full use of PC processing power.

qa testing

QA Testing

Quality testing process that ensures best possible products or services.

Design & System

uxui design

UI/UX Design

Processes of UI and UX design of any web-based solution.

product design

Product Design

Making and optimizing products for long-term business needs.



Analysis of service behaviour before the service has been built.

dev ops

Dev Ops

Evolving and improving products in order to deliver better quality.

Business & Security



Helping clients align their technology strategies with their business.

project management

Project Management

Methods, knowledge and experience used to achieve project objectives.

business analysis

Business Analysis

Data analytics used to evaluate activities of business.

cyber security

Cyber Security

Protecting systems, networks and data from cyber attacks.

Our clients can talk for us

We always appreciate useful, constructive feedback from our clients.
That way we can develop the best possible solution for any business.
In CodeUp, we have found valuable and dedicated staff, committed to teamwork and delivering business value through excellent software solutions. Great skills, willing and able to take on difficult technical challenges on architecture and feature coding levels.
 Estimates were always spot-on and they consistently pushed to deliver on spec and on time.
They're also able to keep things moving when the client's goals are hazily defined -- they 'fill in the blanks' in a clever and well-reasoned way.
Two thumbs up from this corner.
Nenad Manasijević Director of Operations at Khaoticen
I've worked with CodeUp for some months now for our client in Norway. Outsourcing can be hard, but I am impressed with the team how smooth this has been done. Continously followup combined with high tech skills is a luxury you don't see too often. I look forward working together with them for hopefully a long time.
Ronnie Øymoen CEO at SourceIT AS


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