Tailor-made web application for UK based Patent Filing Agency

With a complex workflow that was largely dependent on hard to follow emails and excel sheets, the client sought to digitize their processes and build a robust cloud-based system that would meet their business needs and provide an intuitive user experience for clients.

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Project Overview

Intellectual Property Filig Portal


End-to-end web application development which includes:


Tailor-made web application for UK based Patent Filing Agency
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Case Study

challenge Challenge

The client's work process involved complex steps in handling patent filings and prosecution, primarily managed through hard-to-follow emails and excel sheets. The company aimed to take the next step in digitalization and build a robust, cloud-based system that would cater to all its business needs, while making the filing and tracking process easier for clients.

The requirements for the solution included:

  • User-friendly and modern user interface
  • A client-facing web application for filing patent applications and tracking application status
  • An agent-facing web application for managing and provisioning patent applications
  • An Insperanto-facing web application for administration and business processes
  • Filing, prosecution, clients, agents, services, and billing modules
  • SSO integration
  • Multiple user roles with multi-tenancy support

solution Solution

Our team of Business Analysts and UI/UX Designers collaborated with Insperanto to understand their business process, define requirements, and create an interactive prototype and end-design ready for development.

For the backend, our Architect chose a service-oriented architecture (SOA) approach and implemented it using the Node.js framework, NestJS, with TypeScript. The database of choice was PostgreSQL, and the frontend was built with Angular for its seamless integration with NestJS and easy transition between server-side and client-side development. Our preferred cloud provider was AWS, and for SSO, we integrated KeyCloak for its open-source nature, social login support, and multi-tenancy capabilities.

The system was developed in a modular manner, enabling us to handle application context based on user roles and serve only the relevant services and functionalities. This approach significantly improved application performance and security.

The solution is comprised of three main parts:

  • Filing
    The focus of this module was to make the patent application submission process as seamless and user-friendly as possible. With over 30 fields to fill in, we designed a multi-step web form that grouped related fields in a meaningful way and served the form in smaller chunks to prevent overwhelming the user.
  • Prosecution
    This is the core of the solution, which involves managing the workflow of submitted patent applications through various states, reviews, and approvals. We developed a robust state machine and an intuitive user interface to streamline the complex prosecution process.
  • Administration
    This part consists of modules necessary for managing reference data, such as users, clients, accounts, services, billings, jurisdictions, invoices, and more. The challenge was to create a user-friendly interface that would allow administrators to manage data efficiently. We delivered an intuitive UI that exceeded expectations for managing reference data.

conclusion Conclusion

CodeUp successfully digitized and automated Insperanto's entire patent filing and prosecution process by designing and building a complex web application that moved their entire business to the cloud.